July 16, 2024

Our next country… the one with the long open stretches

We left Springbok at 9h30 yesterday and arrived at the border at 10h50. A mere 15 minutes later we were in Namibia, but it was now 12h05. We lost an hour, but this was insignicant compared to the hours spent in the saddle yesterday. In Noordoewer we soon realised that it is not that easy to get hold of data simcards. After a Wimpy burger we tackled the 300 km stretch to Keetmanshoop.

Arriving in Keetmanshoop at 17h05 the shops were already closed, so we set off to Garas Park campsite 18 km North of town. We were greated by fellow bikers made from any old junk…

and Tania even went for a spin on the one oke’s battered up steed. The surroundings were stunning with boulders and quiver trees silhouetting against the setting Sun.

After setting up camp and taking a refreshing cold shower we lighted a fire and made pasta and white hot chocolate-coffee for supper. Tania was delighted as we had company in the form of  old Scruffy here.

After a great night’s rest we were woken up by the sun shining through our tent. We had decided to take it easy today and not go all the way to Windhoek as planned. We had to turn back to Keetmans to refuel and try to get hold of a data card. Tania queued at MTC Mobile Home while I tuned my carb to compensate for the 1 000m rise in altitude. We rode around town to find a place to have coffee and update the blog, but decided to push through to Marienthal. At the Wimpy Tania sorted out the IT so we’re on the air again.

This is a pic of our campsite this morning.

Now we’re off to find a camp spot for tonight. Cheers

5 thoughts on “Our next country… the one with the long open stretches

  1. Hi julle, lekker om weer van julle te hoor! Bly dit het goed gegaan by die grenspos en dat die IT dinge ook reggekom het. Jul trip is nou amper soos Villiers s’n, wat ‘n vervolgeverhaal geword het. Dankie dat ons kan deel in jul wedervaringe! Tania die hond het jou kom opsoek nê- h’t seker geweet jy is lief vir honde. Voorspoed en hoop dis nie te warm nie.

  2. Ek’s so bly julle travel lekker en veilig! Well done om julle eerste buitelandse post op te kry 🙂 Ek moet erken, ek kry skoon trane in my oe as ek sien wat julle doen – dis drome wat waar word met elke km wal julle ry. Ek wens ek was daar saam met julle en sien uit na al ons future trips saam… Ek moet erken – daar’s iets baie cool’s aan julle bikes! Miskien is dit die feit dat dit nie die “gewone ou” BMW’s is nie – hulle lyk awesome!! Love ook die geel tentjie 😉 Gaan groot!!!

  3. Hey Julle Legends!!! Ons het julle gemis gister…! Julle vorder mooi. Franna, het jou Tjooning gewerk?? Geniet dit julle! Veilig wees!

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