July 16, 2024

Stopping early for an oil change and some washing

Last night we arrived at the Cardboard Box Backpackers at 21h00 after having a lekker time at the funky Joe’s beer house. As we arrived the music was pumping in the distance at the bar and the yard was scattered with compact tents typically the ones used by backpackers travelling light. We sort of had to squish our tent in between the madness and in the darkness I imagined what these hard core travellers must look like and quickly pitched our tent before they could notice us (ook niks gewoond nie ne!). Nevertheless we both slept wonderfully and quickly settled into the backpackers vibe… All young people looking like they have some exciting adventure to get to. Breakfast was included in the price and included two huge sugar and cinnamon pancakes and a cup of coffee – quite cool! We also met three other German bikers with big bikes that have been travelling through Africa extensively. They didn’t seem to worried about us taking on Cape to Cairo on the 200cc’s, in fact the one hard core German said next time he would actually do it with a smaller bike like ours, much less complicated and easy to travel with. It was good to ask a few questions about the road ahead and didn’t seem too bad!

Here is a picture of our tent pitched at the Cardboard Box.

We stopped at a mall to buy some more two minute noodles and supplies and then set off for Okahandja. At Okahandja we had a coffee and brotchen with cheese and biltong. The little town is really nice and Mia your hometown is looking good!

It was interesting to see the change in scenery as we progressed towards Otjiwarango as you can see below.

Once in Otjiwarongo (arriving early at 15h00!) we booked into the local caravan park and Francois serviced the bikes and changed the oil.

I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and washed a few things for the trip ahead.

Tomorrow we will be heading towards Grootfontein where we will be turning towards the Caprivi.

Thanks again for all your comments on our blog, we wished we had time to answer each one personally, but the time seems to fly by. Reading them is really one of our highlights each day! ‘till tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Stopping early for an oil change and some washing

  1. Lekker !!Dis duidelik jul geniet die trip. Nou begin die omgewing ook na Afrika lyk – dis nou my oordeel van Villiers se foto’s. Ai dis so lekkkerrr om dit met julle te volg. Lekker slaap en laat die wiele môre noordwaarts rol met selfvertoue. Groete uit ‘n yskoue Kaap.

  2. Wow- julle het guts! Ek sou dit nie met minder as 650 cc wou probeer nie. Ek gaan saam ry in my drome op julle blog!

  3. Thanks julle vir al die comments! Ons sit nou in ‘n bar hier in Octavi en check SA rugby game. Cheers!

  4. Hi Julle
    Ek het nou wraggies die game hier in Shinees gesien.
    n Web streaming van n site somewhere in Guadong.
    Toe die F1 race ook. Het net knoppies gedruk toe pop die ding op die screen.
    Mooi ry more en passop vir donkies

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