July 16, 2024

Crossing our 2nd border post and into Zambia

We managed to cross our second border post into Zambia successfully today and it feels great to have yet another milestone past! This morning we woke up refreshed from our night’s rest next to the hippos and decided to push on towards the border of Zambia as it was only 113km away. First we checked our docs (first time we really looked since we left more than a week ago) and realised that we forgot the original copies of our car registration papers back home (oops! My fault as it was my job to pack the docs) but thanks sooo much to mother Esther that helped us today to get the papers on a courier service to Livingstone!

We took the following photo on the road between Kongola and Katima this morning to show you the early morning traffic… :o)

At Katima Mulilo we treated ourselves to a Protea Hotel toasted sandwich. The staff opened up the kitchen especially for us and we were very thankful! We stopped at the Total garage just before the border to get some last suggestions and tips for crossing the border. The owner helped us with some tips and then proudly showed us around as they are currently busy with some major renovations. When we arrived at the Total there was a whole group of Germans on Harley Davidson’s touring towards the Caprivi.

The one German was totally crazy as he rode his Harley with shorts, a t-shirt, plakkies and best of all a ‘pispot’ helmet with the American flag on and his sunglasses, topped off with a kidney belt – really really crazy! Now over to Francois for the rest of the update…

At immigration leaving Namibia, they very friendly official went AWOL after which another lady helped us. The two policemen at the gate were also very friendly and amazed by the bikes. This gave us (false) hope of a sub-one-hour border crossing.

Once on the Zambian side none of the buildings were marked. A couple of guys under a tree directed us to immigration and we were greeted by a friendly two-some who explained to us what we need to do. We only realised they were fixers once they asked whether we have been to Zambia before and explained to us we need four documents (or receipts) in order to traverse Zambia in freedom. After our passports were stamped we commenced to a small office for Carbon Tax payable in Kwacha, which we didn’t have. They made a ZAR price and looked at Tania saying “I pity her”, after enquiring about our trip and a “is she going to make it?” after giving Tania a good once over. They were lovely and our fixers took the receipts to follow them to the Road Toll booth. We tried our best to keep possession of the receipts, but they kept asking to keep it. After Road Tax, we entered Alusi en Fesha (our fixers)’s office (read dilapidated hut) where they issued 3rd party insurance (on two different companies’ forms). I think this is where they made their fee… Thereafter we entered a caravan that looks like it’s been played conkers with by Topgear, filled with women lying on the bunk beds and an official with a receipt book. This was where we got the Council Levy. More than ZAR1000 later we were waved goodbye and crossed the mighty Zambezi.

The road to Livingstone is lined with little villages and friendly people.

It looks like you are riding through a game park with all the Mopane trees and Yellow Billed Kites in the air. We stopped for a quick Coke at a truck stop outside Kazunkulo and chatted about our border crossing experience. It is amazing how we are falling more in love with Africa as we travel further North. We booked into Jollyboys Backpackers in Livingstone and just had butternut soup and garlic bread. And a couple of Mosis.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Victoria Falls and explore the surroundings.

Here is a bonus pic of our ride yesterday from Ngepi lodge back to the main road taken with the GoPro camera. Yep another one down!

and another cool one of the awesome toilet at Ngepi lodge – ladies how about some renovations to suit the man?!

8 thoughts on “Crossing our 2nd border post and into Zambia

  1. Om die ‘bike doc’s’ te ‘courier’ was maklik danksy die hulp van Carin van Motomia en Johan van 3@1 Postal Business Communications in Paarl Mall. Lg het selfs so ver gegaan om die drywer van die koerierdiens terug te roep sodat die pakkie betyds kan uitgaan om Lusaka voor die naweek te bereik. Carin en Johan, dankie vir die ekstra myl wat julle vandag geloop vir hierdie ‘bikers’! Fr & T ek glo julle word geseen met al hierdie wonderlike ervarings omdat julle altyd so positief is! Hoop julle het geld oor vir more se wit-waters?! Geniet! E

  2. Jammer vir daai val Tania, dit was my voorstel dat jul Ngepi besoek. Esther was nog altyd die beste logistieke offisier wat ek ken – niks is ‘n te groot probleem om uit te sort nie!V1x

  3. Adventure al die pad!!! Ek’s bly julle gebruik so af en toe die GoPro – dis flippen cool shots wat julle daarmee kry 🙂 Ek hoop regtig julle chill lekker by die Vic Falls en dat julle darem aan die Zim-kant gaan inloer… Kom ons hoop die grensposkruisings word bietjie makliker.

  4. O ja, wil julle nie bietjie die Trip Stats update nie? Ek brand om te sien hoe ver julle geaverage het tot nou toe…

  5. Ek kyk vanoggend weer na die foto’s; Tania, ek is mal oor die een waar Francois sit en ‘blog’. ‘Money shot’ soos die een met hom en die olifant! Ek is seker V stem saam. Groete uit ‘n nat Boeland! 😀

  6. Dag-sê van Kaapstad! Sjoe jul het mooi gevorder met val en al. Ja ek stem saam, goeie foto van Fr waar hy sit en blog, Tania. Ek is bly dit was darem nie te rof by die tweede grenspos nie. Hoop dit gaan sommer seepglad by volgende grense. Voorspoed en geniet dit.

  7. Hallo Francois / Tania,
    Hier is oom Abie Blaauw van die Total Katima Mulilo Diensstasie op julle spoor! Ek hoop om julle heelpad te volg omdat dit ons baie ineresseer – onthou die storie van die 3 seuns wat ook nog saam met hulle Pa ‘n toer wil aanpak? Nouja – julle twee is besig om te wys dit kan gedoen word. Interessant van Charley Boorman ! ons hert al sy “Long Way” programme gekyk en sy Dakar avontuur meegemaak. Ek en my seuns sal sekerlik eendag daarby (die toer) uitkom. Ons wag vir Baba Steyn en die motortoer !!Ry versigtig en geniet dit!

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