July 16, 2024

Buying some local Kavango lemons

We really enjoyed our stay at Roy’s Rest Camp last night and met some friendly fellow Stellenboschers who helped us with some more contacts in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda. Dr Hannes Loots a doctor at Medi Clinic even phoned his contact in Egypt to ask him if it is okay if we contact him once we arrive in Egypt. People are really going out of their way to help us on this trip so far – thanks again guys! We also met Frikkie and Tanya who got married the previous night in Windhoek and we wish them a great honeymoon in Botswana.

Here is our camp at Roy’s

We left Roy’s refreshed and ready for the road and after 70km’s we reached our first vet’s crossing (luckily I have not managed to pick up any sheep or dogs as this is where it would have become tricky!). The area changed dramatically after the crossing and for the next 200km + we passed village upon village with small kids running around everywhere and pots and wooden works lined the sidewalks. We stopped at one stage to check out some funky looking fruit next to the road and bought two Kavango lemons from some friendly local women. The fruit tastes a bit like something between an orange and a beer and is quite strange. The women selling them had a good laugh at our faces as we tried some.

Nevertheless we enjoyed seeing the kids up close and here you can see some of them checking us out.

Pieter and Tanya who we met at the Camel Inn in Otavi on Saturday recommended Shankara to us some 70km’s past Rundu. It is a beautiful farm with campsites with green lawns lined next to the Okavango river.

This evening I tried something different to the usual two-minute noodles, and made a smash and soya mince Sheppard’s pie… I have to say not very successful as you can see from our faces below. Eeek!

Luckily, kind as all Namibians we have met so far, Empie the farmer’s wife just invited us in for breakfast tomorrow morning so we really can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “Buying some local Kavango lemons

  1. Nice, julle 2tjies. Lyk nog altyd baie lekker. Ons geniet dit baie om elke dag op hoogte te kan bly van julle doen en late! Geniet dit verder en pas julle self mooi op!
    Fred en Kika

  2. Thanks for your SMS from Poppa Falls. Sorry I did not remember the thick sand en-route to Ngepi Camp. Dries and I travelled that area in a V8 Land Cruiser and not a 200cc bike, so forgive me! Hope you like the scenerry and the pub? The road from Ngepi to Katima is awesome. Enjoy the big trees and the lovely Kwando River. I had to cross it with a ferry in 1970. Spoil yourself with a hammie tonight and save the noodles for later…V1x

  3. Kan julle glo dat die Namibia-stint amper verby is? Die tyd vlieg, ek se vir julle!! Het julle al ‘n defnitiewe besluit gemaak oor Malawi? Of gaan julle Zambia se Great North Road aanpak en ‘n aand of twee by Kapishy Hot Springs oorbly? 😉

  4. wow julle 2. Wat ‘n adventure! So lekker om julle blog te lees. Hoop ons hoor sommer gereeld van julle. Julle doen wat ons 2 ook eintlik wil doen. Nou sal ons ‘n side-car moet kry though :). Geniet dit baie!!
    Danie en Kobie

  5. Lekkertes! Ons het ook daar by Roy’s gebly in 2007 met ons (mini) trippie. Ek lees lekker! Geniet!

  6. Dis fantaties hoe julle al die steutel-kontakte raakloop! Bly vir julle part. Ons geniet die foto’s en die “gesigte”. Julle gaan ‘n belewenis hê om ‘n boek te skryf , sowaar! EN ons is sooo bly ons kan deel in jul avontuur. Voorspoed ouens!

  7. julle moes net ertjies by daardie herderspastei gehad het dan smaak sooo-ja nie te bad nie (Jig).
    Ek moet se, dat julle blog my oggend lees stof is, en as julle nie post nie is my dag heel omgekrap…! Julle moet mooibly en veilig ry! Waantoe volgende?

  8. Hi Francois and Tania,
    I am really enjoying following along with your trip! I hope to do the same trip one day so am very excited to see how yours unfolds.
    All the best for the rest of the trip!

  9. Haai hoop julle ry veilig. Moenie meer Kavango ‘oranges’ eet nie, my Vriendinne hier se dit kan jou laat bedwelm voel en dit is nie te ok nie.

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