July 16, 2024

About our journey

On 5 September 2011 we departed on a three-month journey from Cape to Cairo on two 200cc Motomia motorcycles. These bikes are made in China and were sold in Cape Town and Gauteng, South Africa and was one of the cheapest, yet most reliable bikes on the market back then. Unfortunately since then, the company had to close down. It is such sad news as you will see when you read our blog how amazing these bikes were!

Our first day leaving Cape Town to start our journey

But before we started out on our journey, we had absolutely no idea how these small Chinese bikes would do on a 15 000 km journey through Africa. There were some pretty tough off-road conditions along the way, but we are proud to say our bikes were amazing. In fact, we now believe there is absoultely NO better way to do Cape to Cairo than on small bikes.

So we left our home in Stellenbosch on 5 September 2011 and head North. Way North.

First we travelled up the N7 towards Namibia. Once over the border, we kept on heading North until we reached Tsumeb. From Tsumeb we turned East through the Caprivi strip to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

The next leg of the trip saw us ride though Zambia, through Lusaka and into Malawi. There we turned North again along the shores of Lake Malawi, all the way into Tanzania. From here we kept to the Western side of Tanzania, which was an entire interesting adventure on its own. From there we headed West to Rwanda to look for Gorillas, then explored Uganda via Kampala and into Kenya.

From here we followed the lesser travelled road North towards the border town of Moyale, into Ethiopia where we also visited the ancient carved-out churches of Lalibela. Then we went West again into Sudan and travelled through the Nubian desert to Aswan Dan (Lake Nasser). The ferry then took us from Wadi Halfa to Aswan and into Egypt. The last dash (with new number plates) took us West through the spectacular Western Desert until we reached our final destination: Cairo.

Our route from Cape to Cairo

These days we travel around in our Suzuki Jimny and Francois has started a site about adventure biking and other motorcycle related information. To learn more, visit: https://adventurebiketroop.com/about-us/