July 22, 2024

Early morning racing at Killarney and a relaxed ride all the way to Springbok

We had an absolutely awesome time at Killarney this morning – thanks again to the Killarney team with a special thanks to Gail (for the coffee and photos) and Paul (for escourting us around the track with Fire 1)! Thanks also to Dave Abrahams from the Independent Online for waking up early to meet with us for a chat and some photos. What a great way to start the trip! Here. is one of our early morning poses..

Here is a pic of Gail, Dave and Paul getting Fire 1 ready.

We went around the race track with Gail and Dave in the back of Fire 1  with the cameras and here is one of the photos Gail took of us with Table Mountain in the background.

After an eventful morning we left for Springbok at about 8h00. We were a bit tired after all the excitement the last few days, but pushed through to reach Springbok at just after 18h00.The Northern Cape road was beautiful and here is a pic of the flowers.

The bikes did a great job today and we had more than a few people staring and asking us where we were heading. We replied: “Well, tonight we are heading off to Springbok, but after that we are going all the way to Cairo!”. The answer we got most was: “Huhhhh??!!” but after a while they start believing us and tonight we definitely feel very fortunate to be able to experience this trip.

Tomorrow we are heading into Namibia and will be crossing our first border. Good night! 

9 thoughts on “Early morning racing at Killarney and a relaxed ride all the way to Springbok

  1. Dit lyk beslis of jul afgeskop het met ‘n “BANG”!!!
    Die foto met ons Kaapse landmerk – Tafelberg – is ‘n wenner. Hoop jul slaap lekker en voorspoed vir Namibië.

  2. Ek hoop julle slaap so lekker soos Brandy, Spanner en Whiskey op die oomblik – dalk nie so sag nie, maar tevrede en gelukkig om saam so ‘n wonderlike avontuur te beleef. Geniet en voorspoed in land nr. 2. XX

  3. Hi
    Klink woes lekker en bly diebikes lyk up to it.
    Kan jou se dis die beste oplossing want die Weste se goete is sussie jobs wat sommer vrek net as hulle iets onsuiwer snuif.
    Voorspoed vir more

  4. Ek love die foto van Tania langs die bike! Jinne, julle het ver gedruk vir Dag1 – well done! Ek hoop Namibie is so lekker soos altyd… Soek maar daai koelteboompies uit!

  5. He he, ek wonder waar kry mens ‘n koelteboom in die suide van Nam? Pasop vir aan die slaap raak op die lang reguit pad na Windhoek!

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