July 22, 2024

Freebies and the Tropic of Capricorn

After catching up on the blog with the WiFi at Bagatelle Lodge last night we were shown to our private campsite in the red dunes. After a much deserved hot shower we decided to sleep under the stars tonight. We had a visitor somewhere during the night. I heard a chomp-chomp sound and some footsteps, before seeing the little Springbok next to our heads, grazing in the moonlight. The following morning we saw her spoor all around our sleeping bags. As the sun came out and the magic views dawned on us, last night’s struggle through the deep sand was forgotten.

After confirming (with one sniff) that my shirt had still one good day in it, I packed my bag and the heap of the luggage that goes on top of it. Fifteen minutes later I realised I must have packed mentioned shirt away in the process. Luckily Charl overheard this and offered me a Bagatelle shirt from the shop, free of charge. He then made good on his promise from the night before by delivering Tania’s bike safely to the gate where the 3 km sand road ended.

I donned the GoPro to catch the action and to practise my sand riding skills for The Sudan.

The rest of the day was straight tar all the way to Windhoek, highlighted by our crossing of the Tropic of Capricorn. We have also risen to almost 2 000 m above sea level, so the carbs got another 1/8 of a turn in.

In Windhoek we met up with journalist and travel writer Francoise Steynberg (Die Republikein) for an interview. She kindly let us store our bikes in her back yard while having a few cold ones and supper at Joe’s.

We’re now off to our campsite where the bikes will have their first oil change for breakfast tomorrow morning.

6 thoughts on “Freebies and the Tropic of Capricorn

  1. ‘n Welverdiende ruspos om die “mens-tenke” weer vol te maak. Daai bikies is regtig verstommende masjientjie! Geniet die tyd in Windhoek. Terloop ; nice ou die Charl nê! Voorspoed en spanne pret!

  2. Wat ‘n onbeskryflike avontuur!! Maak asb. nota’s vir ‘n volledige reisjoernaal, saam met jul ‘stunning’ foto’s het dit die potensiaal vir ‘n wenner-publikasie! Als wel op die tuisfront. E

  3. Hoop julle het lekker geeet (en geslaap)- en ook voel of julle nuwe olie het! Lat die wiele SPIN!

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