July 16, 2024

We enter the final week before departure

We’ve been  busy the past week, finishing off our jobs and business commitments and thus the five day silence on the blog. From here on we’ll start to gain momentum and hopefully post more regularly! Yesterday we did the final mods on the Motomias. Eon did a stunning job once again fitting the 12V plug to Tania’s bike. From this we’ll charge the laptop, cell phone, AA and AAA batteries for our head-lamps and camera and lastly the GoPro HD video camera.

Here Eon is busy modifying a piece of one of his wife, Mari’s, baking trays:

Eons garage 12v2

The end result (complete with fuse and detachable plug):

Tanias 12v

Today Mark (our neighbour) and I checked out our luggage situation and found a place for the 5L Jerry cans we’ll be taking along. Mark also built me a ramp to get the bikes up and down from the stoep and did some research on how to charge the 19V laptop from a 12V bike… Then we went through a list of tools to take with on the trip. Thanks for all the help neighbour!

Mark and Francois2

We’ve found the perfect place for the cans, obviously the cable ties in the pic won’t be the final attachments…

Fuel can

I’ve gone through the whole bike to see what sizes of sockets and spanners I need. Eon helped me pick the right tools and plugs yesterday and Mark helped me today checking all the bolt sizes on the bike. Both gave me tools to take on the trip as well. Thanks again! All the talk of spanner today confused our one dog, because his name is Spanner. He must have thought we’re discussing his future with us because of the number of times his name was mentioned.

I made a list of tools that should go on the trip and as I write this, we still need to clear up the stoep where everything is spread out on the floor.


 This pic is the final selection, bar the stuff I still need to buy and all the spare parts.

Have a great week and follow us through our last week before departure!

Ps. Thanks to everyone who made it to the mini farewell last night, we had a great time.

2 thoughts on “We enter the final week before departure

  1. Julle het ongelooflike vriende!! ‘n Mens besef nie altyd hoeveel moeite in so ‘n trippie se beplanning ingaan nie en dis verseker nie net papierwerk nie!! Dit lyk darem of julle die regte support team aan julle kant het… Ek hoop daar’s plek vir alles wat julle wil saamvat. Sterkte met die laaste week se fine tuning!

  2. Jislaaik maar julle is oulik!! Wonderlik om sulke raakvat-manne rondom julle te hê. Voorspoed met die finalisering van al die beplanning. Sluit daarby ook miskien in goeie rus voor jul noord spin. Voorspoed!

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