July 22, 2024

Carnet de Passages en Douane – what a mouthful!

Today we received our Carnet’s whoop whoop!

This piece of unimpressive looking, yet sophisticated sounding “Carnet de Passages en Douane” document is a requirement to get the bikes in and out of most of the countries we will be visiting. At each border crossing we will get a stamp “in” and a stamp “out” to show that we are not importing the bikes.

The final stamp out of Egypt and back into South Africa will be the most important as the Egyptians will charge you up to 200% of the value of the vehicle import tax if you do not get this stamp. Eish! That’s steep so rather not drive the bikes into the Mediterranean after this trip ;o)

Here Francois is showing off his (oops this is mine!) Carnet de Passages en Douane… definitely something to smile about!


Another thing to tick off our list! We also met with a certain Peter Kaalkoejawel tonight about a sheep’s skin, but more about that later…

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