July 16, 2024

GoPro test ride and first pic of our bikes

We went for a quick ride this morning to test our GPS and try out the GoPro we borrowed from Villiers. I struggled for the better part of an hour to figure out the GoPro, as it only has two buttons that does a myriad of functions, from shooting HD videos, to still pics every 2, 5, 10 or whatever seconds. Needless to say I ended up with quite a few video clips of me starring frogeyed into the camera pulling faces trying to understand why the red light won’t stop blinking. Once I got the hang of it, it became very easy and the fun started!

We took Tania’s BMW F650 and a BMW S1000RR for a quick spin to try different angles. The best turned out be with the GoPro either on a helmet or next to the front wheel. Another great shot was backwards from the screen to see the rider. Unfortunately we didn’t capture any pics in these positions, so you’ll have to wait for the trip to see more. Here we tried shooting still shots. Remember, there is no viewfinder, so the outcome is always a surprise.

Back home we received great news from Peter Stansby from Motomia. The bikes have arrived! He sent us this picture of the rubber indicators being fitted today. Also check out the cool crash bars that have been fitted! Our Motomias will undergo some minor modifications, but for the most part the bikes will be stock standard. We’ll do a complete post on the bikes once we’ll collected them so you can see what was done and what luggage we are going to take. There is now less than a month before we leave and we are looking forward to sort the last few things!


On Monday we’ll be tackling some of our visa applications and we’ll fetch the papers for the bikes to apply for Carnets de Passage en Douane. We’ve started putting stuff that we want to take on the trip aside so we can see what needs to stay behind. I think our preparations are going to gain momentum from now on… Please tell everyone you know about this blog so we can start creating a following. Thanks for all the good wishes so far! Oor en uit. F