July 16, 2024

Having a jolly time in Livingstone

It’s easy to forget about time here at Jollyboys in Livingstone and we spent a very relaxing day – our first time to stay over in the same place for another night since we started this trip. This morning we emptied our saddle bags and took the bikes to explore Vic Falls.

It is clear why Vic Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and it’s stunning to see the masses and masses of water pouring constantly down the 1.7km stretch between in Zambia and Zimbabwe. We entered the falls from Zambia’s side and paid an entrance fee of USD 20 per person.

Victoria Falls views

Here is Francois enjoying the falls…

Francois at the Falls
The spray from the falls cool you down as you walk over this bridge.

Bridge at Vic Falls

We also took an exploratory walk towards the top of the falls with Jimmy Hendrix as our (self-appointed) guide! During the rainy season it is not possible to walk here as the water rises to approximately 8m high, but during this time of the year you can find locals fishing at the top of the river or swimming in the pools. Quite bizarre to think of the massive drop just a few meters away!

A photo Jimmy took of us at the top of the falls.

Victoria Falls Tania and Francois
As we drove back to Livingstone, we came across an unexpected sighting! As we entered the town we saw a group of elephants making their way casually towards the road. This really makes it feel like Africa :o)

Elephants in Livingstone

We then treated ourselves to a Debonaires pizza (sharing to save a buck for a beer tonight!) and here is where we met Boyd the friendly local pizza delivery guy. His Honda CGL125 was parked out front and we compared the bikes and chatted about life in Livingstone. Here is Boyd and Francois with their bikes…

Francois and Boyd
This afternoon Francois spent working on our budget and writing up some of our experiences so far to send off to GoTravel24.com, while I did a bit of research on our route for the next few days from Zambia and into Malawi. I must add that a large portion of my time was spent lazing around the pool trying to get a bit of colour on my European looking legs! Bliss! Tomorrow we will be heading towards Lusaka, but will probably break this 470km stretch into two days. It’s sad to leave so soon and Francois is going to have to drag me out of here tomorrow :o)

8 thoughts on “Having a jolly time in Livingstone

  1. Weer eens stunning foto’s!!! Fr, het jy bietjie op Jimmy Hendricks se kitaar gespeel? Terloops, hoeveel mense weet dat jy ‘n jaar lank jazz kitaar gespeel het? Sommer net ‘n interessante brokkie vir die wat jou nie so lank ken. En, ek wag vir die dag wat julle spesiaal vir Villiers ‘n leeu in die agtergrond gaan afneem…. Mooi ry Lusaka toe. XXX

  2. Isn’t Jollyboys great? My son and I stayed there last year on our trip to the Falls.
    Lekker ry julle en sterkte!

  3. Sjoe, dis die mooiste foto’s tot dusver!! So bly julle het ‘n jolly dag gehad en nie op die brug gegly nie – dit lyk maar glibberig vir my. Die olifante lyk of hul nuuskierig is watse “bikes” spin op hul gronde. Geniet die trip noordwaarts en voorspoed. Dankie vir die pragtige blog!

  4. Haha…ek kan nie help om terug te dink aan die fotografieklas nie: Daai eerste foto is regtig puik want, 1) Die lyne is perfek! 2) die kantlig gee great tekstuur op die kranse en 3) die mense (wat ‘n mens eers laaste raaksien, gee ‘n idee van die skaal van die Valle! Soos Freddie sou se: “LOVIT!” 😉

  5. Boyd se blik agter op die Honda maak eintlik finasieel en prakties sin vir ‘n overland trip met bikes…Jy kan sekerlik BAIE daarin pak? V1x

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