July 22, 2024

A day of amazing eating

This morning Chantal and Arjan our Dutch neighbours at Mooring’s Campsite kindly invited us to join them for breakfast. The coffee was amazing and Arjan made yummy toast for us by using the coals made to heat up the “donkey” (kettle geyser). What a treat!

Breakfast at the Landie
These two travellers did an amazing trip last year from November to February this year where they drove their Landrover from Amsterdam all the way to Lusaka and then left it there at friends. They came back to Lusaka last week, started up the Landie again and they are spending their honeymoon in Zambia at the moment. They are planning to come back again sometime next year to complete the next leg of their trip from Lusaka to Cape Town – legends! It was also good to chat to them about the road ahead and Chantal gave us some great tips for campsites up to Egypt – very organised! Check this out:

Itinerary 2     Itinerary 1

I have also been enjoying the company of some cool four-legged friends along the way. During our stay at Mooring’s campsite the local camp cat kept us company and allowed me to take the following photograph this morning:

Ons besoeker vir die aand
With a strong head wind today it took us a while to complete the 180km to Lusaka, but it was an interesting road and we enjoyed riding through Mazabuka and Kafue. Here you can see a typical scene in Mazabuka. Notice the waving kids and bicycles.

At Mazabuka we also had a quick break and I chatted to one of the petrol attendants (a lady). As I hopped back on the bike, she said to me: “You have a nice structure!”. I had to laugh and wasn’t sure if she was referring to the bike or to me. Francois was curious and asked her what she meant and with the show of hands she explained that I had a healthy African figure – haha!

We went through a few police check points, but all the police we have met so far in Zambia have been very friendly and we have had no hassles so far. We also find the people of Zambia really nice. After a few roundabouts through Lusaka we found our way and reached the Heyns’ house where we will be spending the night. Elsa has been spoiling us with amazing food since we have arrived and we look forward to sleeping in a real bed tonight.

This afternoon we went to the mall to stock up on some food for the next few days. Francois then did another oil change on the bikes so we are ready for the next leg on our way to Malawi. Here he is in action:

2nd oil chang in Lusaka

Slippers also joined in the fun…

Slippers helping with the oil change
We also have a clean stack of clothes again – thanks so much again Elsa!

9 thoughts on “A day of amazing eating

  1. As koffie en toast ‘n treat raak dan weet mens jy is g*tvol vir 2 min noodles! Onthou om julle bikes se registrasie-papiere saam te neem anders moet dit more weer na Blantyre ge-courier word…..Mooi ry. Luv. V1x

  2. Wow – julle is weer so geseënd met konneksies met wonderlike mense!! Dankie ook aan die Heynse wat so goed is vir julle en dat die boere magies weer gevul is – ‘n regte oase vir “bike” en mens. Dankie dat julle ook wys dat Afrika-mense is vriendelike joviale mense. Hoop julle gaan nog baie pret en “favor” hê op die jul tog vorentoe. Geniet dit!!

  3. Ha-ha, hou van die structure kompliment – hoop die padding help ook met die lang sit op die bike. xxxx

  4. Dis amazing wat ‘n rustige dag en lekker kos vir die gees doen! 🙂 Wow, dis awesome dat julle soveel waardevolle inligting langs die pad kry – maak die res van die trippie soveel makliker! Ek neem aan julle het gehoor, maar die Springbokke het MOEWIES goed gespeel teen Fidji (49 – 3) en Australia het teen Ierland verloor (15 – 6). Dinge lyk goed!

  5. Lekker ry julle twee, dis n groot inspirasie vir ons junior riders! Deborah het n Enzo en n’ learners en ek het n’ Honda Bros met panniers vir installasie hierdie week. Volgende Vrydag is ons op ons eertste overnighter in die Klein Karoo. Ons volg jou storie en wonder watter boots julle het, ons soek nog, so veel te leer. Lekker ry, laat die storie anngaan, Deborah and Colin

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