July 16, 2024

What to pack?

Last night we both went through version 1.0 of our packing list. There is so much to think of on a trip of more than a week or two. From how to charge batteries to what medication we might need. While Tania is out shopping with her mom today for the last few items and the medic kit, I spoke to Rufus from http://threefarmersandagreek.wordpress.com/ who gave us some excellent advice and contacts.

This is me procrastinating the inevitable:


To think that all of this must go into my saddle bags. And then Tania has the same amount of stuff she has to pack. Luckily my clothes for the 90 days will fit a daypack. I’ll use some daring recycling tricks to keep it fresh!

Accommodation for the trip

The only booking we made before hand was the flight ticket back from Cairo as we don’t know what sort of pace we’ll be able to keep up. We have however confirmed the first night’s accommodation today which we’ll reveal on departure next Monday. All I can say it is going to be different!

It is now almost exactly seven days before we leave and the time is running out FAST!