July 16, 2024

Medicines sorted!

I left the house this afternoon with a long list of things to buy, amongst others medicines for the trip! Our friend Jacolise is a pharmacist at Dischem in Somerset West and she did her magic with our long list of medicines and packets and packets of pills appeared out of nowhere – thanks SO much again Jacolise! Here she is handing out the good stuff at the Dischem dispensary…

Jacolise and Tania at Dischem

The next fun thing will be the actual packing of these pills and of course remembering what we are supposed to drink when! Luckily Jacolise will only be an sms away, phew!

We were also sent out to go and find a sleeping bag for Francois. Here Francois is testing out his new sleeping bag and getting ready for a good night’s rest :o)

Francois in his new sleeping bag

3 thoughts on “Medicines sorted!

  1. Het jy die hele aand daar geslaap, seuna? Goeie toets! Ek’s bly julle kon ook die medicines uitsort – dis vrek belangrik. Hoop julle het genoeg Immodiums! 😉

  2. Jip, mal baie immodiums! nee, ekt gekroek vir die foto, maar Brandy het wel die heel aand daar geslaap! 😉

  3. Hallo Julle twee Motomiane
    Interesting trip die van julle…lekker om julle te volg hier uit China…Vasbyt en onthou Afrika le nog voor…hoop julle avontuur bly voorspoedig!
    Koos Rousseau

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