July 16, 2024

All wired up and halfway ready to go

Yesterday we borrowed Ferdie’s bakkie (dankie dude!) to pick up the Motomia’s we’ll be riding to Cairo for three months. Peter and the guys at Motomia spent a lot of time and effort preparing the bikes for us, complete with screens, crash bars, luggage racks and handlebar protecters. Both had less than two kilometers on the clock, so we took them for a quick 20 km spin to seat the ring-seals and drained the oil to get rid of the filings and muck. Tania changed her own bike’s oil and then we set off to Eon’s. One of my best friends and the most capable handy-man I know, he always offers to help before we ask. I stood by passing tools and the odd Castle, while Eon did his magic. We routed the wires along the frame under the tank and seat, and picked up power from the ignition from an unused plug saying ALARM on it. Tania used the opportunity to test-post a video (see last night’s post for the result).

Here is a pic of the GPS in its mount. Note the old oil and the Enzo 125cc from our Around SA enviously lurking in the background. Also notice the double-thumbs-up for a job well done:

GPS on Pachino

We also needed to fit a Hella-plug for the camp light (a 1.44 Watt LED strip – more on that later). Eon suggested cutting a hole in the left-hand side cover.. I agreed..

The result:

Hella plug for camp light

Unfortunately the sigarette-lighter plug we wanted to fit to Tania’s bike (from which we’ll charge the laptop, cell phones and GoPro video camera) was broken when we opened the package. I’ll have to get a new one and go back to the happy place that is Eon’s garage to fit it (or watch it being fit by him). Thanks again tjopper, jy’s ‘n legend!

You must be wondering how the bikes feel to ride. More on that later… all I can say is they reach 80 km/h faster than the old 125 cc we used last time ’round and there is a lot more legroom too.

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