July 16, 2024

Exciting ride boring read :o)

This morning we decided to stop at the Little Ritz hotel in Kabale for a lekker brekkie before setting off to Masaka. Alex our waiter dished up some nice chipati and omelette which we devoured. The restaurant is set on a balcony on the first floor so we ended up doodling a bit enjoying watching the people, bikes and bicycles.

Vuil handjies

Just before we left we briefly spotted a loaded KTM that looked like it was on the way towards Rwanda side – craving to see some real bikers we tried to chase after to see if we could still catch him, but alas no luck :o)

After filling up in Kabale we worked out that we achieved our best fuel consumption yesterday – both at just above 42 km per litre – quite impressive as we also reached our highest point yesterday at 2 450 meters above sea level – viva Motomia!

The scenery was once again splendid and we drove on a beautiful road for the first few kilometres and for the first time in a long time we could increase our speed to about 80 km/ph.

Uganda is really beautiful and very green at the moment. There is also a bit less people here so it was easier to drive a bit faster. Soon the rain started again and kept going in various degrees of intensity for the rest of our day.

Luckily we ended the day with no rain which makes it much better! We are staying at the Tourist Cottages and Backpackers in Masaka tonight, which is a quaint little house set in the countryside in Masaka.

Tourist Cottage Masaka
We had a cheeseburger and chips for dinner which was very good! Here Francois is brushing up on his dutch reading skills.

Francois reading
Tomorrow we will be heading to Kampala.

One thought on “Exciting ride boring read :o)

  1. Lyk asof die omgewing nou baie anders is as voorheen en ook meer reën. Net bly jul kry droë slaapplek en lekker ete.Ja-nee die motomias is verstommend! Ek het die weer gekyk vir die volgende dae by Kampala – donderstorms. Hoop vir jul part hul is verkeerd. Voorpoed!!

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