July 22, 2024

Beautiful sunshine in Jinja

After a proper day of beautiful sunshine here in Uganda we are feeling much better! (it started raining again last night and lasted for quite a while). And we could do washing! Jippeeey!! (Haha never thought I would say this). We are so relieved to have some clean flowery smelling clothes again.

What you are seeing here is the car park at Adrift campsite in Jinja, which is located next to the White Nile (source of the Nile).

These little “hokkies” with roofs and wash basins are meant for the Overland trucks to use as a base from which to prepare food for their groups. There are about five of these and one was open and the car guard told us to park here. It turned out to be the perfect base for us too and we were super-efficient from the moment we arrived (due to us wanting to make use of the sunlight). And we washed our stinky bike jackets, a whole bunch of clothes and I washed my saddle bags and repacked the food.

Washing jacket
While this was happening, Francois used some old coals (left from the previous overland truck) to make us a fire as we had some delicious “wors” to braai! Luckily the driver from the truck next to us watched the spectacle and came to us with a scoop of fresh coals to use and soon we had a nice and hot fire going.

Braaing some wors
On our way to Jinja this morning we stopped at a supermarket to stock up on some supplies and with prices being so cheap I really enjoyed the shopping spree. This is where I got the wors – and to think that just this morning we wanted to leave our tiny “braai rooster” in Kampala as we never use it so it was a good thing we decided to stick with it. So we had some hotdogs and avo for lunch yum.

Francois also quickly replaced my bikes backlight which stopped working while driving the crazy gravel road through Western Tanzania.

Changing bulbs
We put this off for some time as we had to remove my very handy drain pipe holder which Francois and Eon mounted on the bikes with thick cable ties back at home. But with crazy traffic as we have experienced so far and heard continues even worse into Kenya we thought it better to do it now.

Here is also a photo of the scenery here on our way from Kampala to Jinja so that you can see the jungle-like greeniness of Uganda. Also note the little spectator next to the road on the bike. He was following us on his bike and as we stopped he also pulled off to stare and as soon as we were ready to leave he turned around and went back in the same direction :o) Curious people.

Uganda scenery
We also sorted our third party insurance on the way from Kampala as we could not get it at the border and paid UgSh 20 000 each (about R65) for the year. He was very efficient and friendly and used a typewriter to get the process done.

3rd party insurance
We really wanted to do some white river rafting here in Jinja (which is known as the adventure capital of Uganda) but last night we checked our schedule and it turns out we are about a week behind already. We also have to get to Nairobi before it is weekend again as we have to apply for our Sudanese visas there which is only open in the week. So we have decided to get on the road again tomorrow and cross into Kenya to try and make up with some time.

The Adrift campsite however is really cool and the bar equally nice. We also have free wifi here which is cool. The staff here is very friendly and the one guide could not believe his eyes when he checked out our little bikes. He said normally the South Africans come here with BIG bikes and also he said normally they change their tyres when they get here. He wanted to know how many times we have changed tyres and when we said “not once!” he was super impressed. Later I also overheard the car guard talking to some other staff in the local language explaining how far we have come and that we have never changed tyres etc. which was quite cute.

PS: We met a cool Dutch couple in Kampala last night – they are travelling with a Volskwagen bus from Holland to South Africa. This just shows that this is possible too as they successfully did the bad Moyale to Marsabit road with this vehicle – awesome!

Volkswagen from Holland to CPT
Good night from some sweet smelling South Africans ;o)

6 thoughts on “Beautiful sunshine in Jinja

  1. Terug van Bonnievale kon ek nie wag om by julle huis weer rustig op datum te kom met jul stories. Bly julle is weer skoon en droog en het weer boerewors geproe! Voorspoed met die volgende grenspos, visums, ens. Terloops, weet julle al van London se Erasmus-‘baby girl’ (11/10)? Als tip-top hier… XXX

  2. Uganda lyk moewies mooi! Love die GROEN orals. Jammer julle mis uit opi river rafting, maar dis waarskynlik ‘n goeie idee om bietjie tyd op te maak. Hoop die paaie laat dit toe… Geniet die sonskyn en skoon klere!
    Love, VilJ

  3. Bly julle het ‘n mooi sondag Sondag gehad! Behalwe julle bande wat so mooi hou, is ek hiper beindruk met julle laptop wat al die gestampery oorleef. Wat se maak en model is dit?? Dalk kan julle bietjie promosie vir die vervaardiger daarvan ook doen?

  4. Hallo vanuit Baotou.Interessant om julle blogs te lees in Chinees. Saterdag op die vliegtuig se flight navigator gesien toe ons oor Malawi vlieg – toe waai ek sommer so in julle rigting!

  5. En steeds is daar ‘n glimlag met elke foto ! Ek dink dit is sekerlik een van julle “trademarks”. Julle laat dit soooo lekker lyk terwyl ons weet dit vat vasbyt om deur sommige van die trajekte te kom. Koes maar vir die grotes in die verkeer en domineer die kleintjies – ons sal julle nie blameer nie !
    Lekker ry die week. Katima is steeds warm en droog – ons wag dat julle van daai baie reën suidwaarts stuur….Hehehe.

  6. Ek vermoed julle is nou professionele bike travellers en moet vergeet om na “beskawing” (har Har) of die korporatiewe wereld terug te keer.Sal julle mis….Hehe. V1xx

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