July 16, 2024

Some stats on the route

Since we bought the GPS just before the trip and was still figuring out how it operates as we rode out of the yard, it is going to take some time to mine all the data, but for those of you who cannot wait, here are some teaser-info: The total distance of the Crossing Africa trip was: 15 526 km (of which roughly 280 km was by ferry across the Aswan Lake). This means the Motomias still covered around 15 246 km. Not bad!

The final route map

We started on the 5th of September from Killarney Raceway (see the new image bar at the top of this blog) and reached Alexandria on the 3rd of December. The trip took us 89 days 2 hours 16 minutes and 51 seconds. This means be made it within the planned 90 days timeframe.

The little Motomias did well at sea-level, reaching a maximum speed of 109 km/h on the GPS somewhere in Namibia. At Windhoek we were already at around 2 000 m above sea-level and from there onwards we rose and fell quite a lot. The highest point was close to 3 541 m (I haven’t managed to find out exactly, but remember reading this in the GPS in Ethiopia). Here is the total trip profile:

The final route map profile

I’ve started analysing the actual spending per category per day, as well as the average fuel consumption. All that I know is that the claimed figure on Motomia’s website is not accurate (are they ever!?), but in this case the actual figure was better than the claimed!! How about that!? I think we averaged around 35-38 km/l…

Please keep checking in as we plan to give each of our highs and lows (with pics) of each country shortly.

5 thoughts on “Some stats on the route

  1. Huh – die ingangsfoto is perfek en pragtig! Die stats is indrukwekkend – wys weereens dat die motomias en die bestuurders is tops. Julle is baie oulik en dit tref my weereens wat jul eintlik gedoen het daai 90 dae! Geluk!!

  2. Kyk net hoe blink die bikes nog, nog met die windscreens op (image bar at top). Alles lyk nog so skoon, mense inkluis.

  3. Ons is baie bly julle is veilig tuis. Sien uit na die opvolg – onthou julle die belofte in Katima Mulilo van ‘n volgende besoek op 4 wiele en met ‘n klein Steyntjie by? Francois het gelukkig vertikaal met sy hande beduie en die horisontaal nie ! Ons wag vir julle – kom vang tiervis. Groete, oom Abie en tannie Annette Blaauw.

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