July 22, 2024

Good news! Shipping sorted

Phew! What a day! But we have good news – the Motomias are safely in their container with the Voetspore team’s Amaroks at the port in Alexandria. The Trust Shipping Company sparked to get everything sorted for us today and finally by 18h00 we were done – all the admin sorted and bikes loaded. To round off the day they then treated us to an unbelievable dinner… but more about that tomorrow!

What a relief and we’d just like to thank our awesome neighbour, Mark for helping us with the shipping details and contacts. If it was not for him, we would not have beaten the “fixer system” in Egypt for sure!

We will be flying back to South Africa tomorrow and still have some last packing to do – so will post some more detail about today’s shipping experience as soon as possible.

Here we are at the port in Alexandria sorting the shipping today…

7 thoughts on “Good news! Shipping sorted

  1. Bingo! En Bravo! Mark. Ek het gewonder hoekom kom hy so laat by die huis vannand… Wonder ook wat betaal ‘n mens ‘n ‘fixer’ in SA?! Lekker zzzzzz

  2. Liewe Francois en Tania – net een woord vir julle:
    WELGEDAAN! Julle en die twee Mias was uitsonderlik. Dankie dat ons so saam met julle kon reis. Veilig terugreis!

  3. Van Kaap tot Kairo op 2 motomias 200cc was nie ‘n illusie nie – dit IS ‘n UITSONDERLIKE werklikheid!! Welgedaan Francois en Tania!! ‘n Medalje elk vir vir Francois en Tania, maar beslis ook vir die motomias.

  4. En so kom alles tot n einde. Ai!!!
    Dankie vir die ongelooflike avontuur.
    Laat weet maar wanneer die volgende ekspedisie gaan begin, wil weer alles volg.
    Lekker terug vlieg en vir Francois, hoop nie jy sukkel met die skeurdery nie.

  5. Hi. Was goed om julle te volg.
    Net n paar vrae:
    Sou dit nie goedkoper wees om die fietse daar te los.
    Gaan julle later raad gee oor die toeristing wat julle saamgevat het en wat julle anders sou doen.
    Dit sal goed wees om te hoor van julle.
    Veiligge rit terug.
    Ns: gee raad aan die voetspore span hoe om inligting deur te gee. Hulle sin is treurig

  6. Merry Christmas, Judy…I have not been blogging either…or not very much. My mind is just not in it right now.
    Have fun with your family…we are going to Sarah’s tomorrow…our other daughter came in about two weeks ago, but she stays with Sarah and Lorelei…she has been here of course…but we are boring compared to Lo. haha

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