July 16, 2024

Welcome to Egypt!

Despite the cold wind blowing on the deck last night we had a great night sleeping outside.

The starlit sky was amazing as the boat sped on towards Aswan. According to our GPS we were travelling at a speed of 20km/ph.

Sleeping in style
We watched the sun come up on the deck and enjoyed the rest of the ride to Aswan as it seemed to all end too quickly.

The ferry ride
Here we are enjoying the ferry ride.

On the ferry
We docked in the harbour at about 10h30. The rest of the procedures that followed were very interesting as we had to push and fight our way off the boat and into the “arrival hole” (as they spelt it [seriously!] on a sign in front of the building). There were a few feisty Egyptians swinging around fists in front of the queue getting angry at each other which was all amusing. Around us massive suitcases, boxes and other cargo were carried by porters who tried to get it to the front of the queue weaving through people, it was crazy!

Once we pushed through the queue and scanned our luggage we finally got through to the arrival “hole”.  We all took a taxi ride to Aswan – Simon and Kristy, the Voetspore team and the two of us.

Taxi ride to aswan
We booked into the Hathor Hotel which is located on the East Bank of the Nile in the centre of town. We have the most beautiful view over the Nile from our bedroom window. One can also go right up to the roof of the building where there is a small swimming pool and a stunning view over the city. Here is the view from the roof to the back:

View to the back
And the view to front, where Stefan from the Voetspore team spend some time yesterday afternoon filming the stunning views over Aswan as the sun set.

Aswan view
The city then suddenly transformed into a kaleidoscope of coloured lights as it became dark.

Francois and I also went out for pizza in the afternoon. Everywhere along the Nile there are restaurants on floating boats attached to the mainland serving ice cold beer and good food. On the way we had to bat several felucca (boat) owners trying to persuade us to take a ride – all too smooth and insincere. Though Aswan is truly a beautiful city I have to say we miss the friendly Sudanese people, sweet tea and dusty streets a little bit. We are still not sure exactly when the Motomias will arrive on the barge, but should be within the next day or two or three :o)

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Egypt!

  1. Ai dit lyk lekker en laat my ver terug dink aan die dae van toer op die geodkoop manier!! Die foto’s van Aswan laat my dink aan Istanboel. Wonderlik dat julle saam met “bekendes” is. Geniet Egipte. Klink my jul mis jul “reismaters” = die Motomias. Hoop die kookpot in Kairo kom tot rus met die verkiesing Maandag. Voorspoed!!

  2. Bly julle kan weer ‘n bier in die openbaar geniet. (die local bier word Stella genoem – “stel haar aan my voor” volgens my vriend Terry wat in Egipte gewerk het)Pasop net as die camel jockies spoeg want party van hulle se visiere is nie akkuraat ingestel nie. Tjirs. V1xx

  3. Wow julle! Bly julle is veilig in Egipte!
    Geniet die laaste deel. Ons sien uit om julle terug in Stellenbosch te he.

  4. Yes! Ek love die foto’s wat julle met die GoPro op die boot geneem het – lyk awesome. Franban, ek sien ek en jy lyk ewe ‘goed’ met ‘n bosbaard!! 😉 NICE!! Soak elke oomblik van hierdie laaste twee weke in, want dis amper back to the real world…(en ‘n klein bike-trippie Wildekus toe, natuurlik!) Mis julle!

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