July 16, 2024

Tackling the first part of the journey to Moyale

This morning we woke up to the most beautiful bird songs. We also spotted this big guy in the garden this morning…

Cool Reptile
We had a chat with the Danish manager here at Gaddisa lodge this morning and it was interesting to learn more about the tribal problems here in the North of Kenya. It seems that the tension is a bit high in Isiolo at the moment as it is the first time that problems have been experienced so close since last week. Due to the drought and issues about grazing lands and food the people have been suffering quite a bit and this is spurring on the tribal conflicts. This morning we heard a lot of children screaming and a bit of chaos as the kids at the school across the road got scared when Samburu men approached them and there were no teachers present. Apparently it was all fine, but still shows that people are stressed and that the situation is not so good at the moment for the locals.She also reassured us that tourists are not being targeted, but still advised us to chat to local police at road blocks to check on the situation as we continue and we will definitely do so. We left at about 10h30 and had 140 km of beautiful tar road to look forward to. The road was quiet, with a few trucks and army vehicles coming mainly from the front (there are a few army training camps in the area). The scenery was absolutely magnificent and must be one of the most beautiful stretches we have done so far.

Marsabit Road
It was a quick ride to Merille, where the tar road towards Moyale ends. We decided to push on for the next 30km to Laisamis on the gravel to see if we could find a place to stay for the night. The first few kilometres were not too bad, but the road is completely corrugated and it is difficult to get speed up to more than 35km/ph. Luckily the road was dry so far and we could see some muddy areas of the previous days that have dried up already. We arrived here at 14h00 and someone showed us in the direction of the Catholic Mission. Here Phillip gave us a nice clean room to stay so we are very happy to have found a place for the night.Here we are on the steps in front of our room.

Francois also took the opportunity to quickly check the bikes again before we set off towards Marsabit tomorrow (about 96km away from here).

Working on the bike
So we are taking it slowly (pole pole!) towards Moyale on the gravel to make sure we have enough time to also soak in the beauty and remoteness of this area.

4 thoughts on “Tackling the first part of the journey to Moyale

  1. Darem baie bly die pad het afgedroog en dat julle ‘n lekker slaap plekkie het. Wonderlik om met vogelsang wakker te word – dit voorspel net goed nê!Voorspoed en geniet die omgewing. Groete uit die Kaap. O ja ons het gister lekker gekuier by julle huis en Esther en honnekinders.

  2. Dis nou 10 voor 9 Maandagaand 24 Okt – die Rifrug mamma (Roxy) het 15 mun gelede die eerste baba gekry en nou wag ons almal vir die res ! Sy dra die enetjie rond asof sy ‘n beter kraamsaal as haar bed soek….. ek sal julle môre vertel wat het verder gebeur. Ek hoor haar nou huil…siestog. babs kry is nie vir sissies nie. Mooi ry en geniet die mooier paaie môre.

  3. Haai, daar! Lekker koel in die Kaap, lekker om jul boetie hier te he, mis julle in julle eie huis! Eddie is nou gekwalifiseerde patoloog; terloops, hy vra bietjie meer foto’s van die natuur. Maar dit moet moeilik wees want die kamera is tog weggepak wanneer julle deur die mooi gedeeltes ry. Dankie weer vir jul moeite met die blog!! XX

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