July 16, 2024

Learning more about Rwanda

We are definitely good at one thing for certain – the two of us are masters at messing up a room :o) and with all our bits of pieces of luggage we decorate a room within seconds of arriving. Our strange room at the One Love Club was huge and only housed a doublebed and desk with chair. We soon constructed a washing line for our washed clothes and this is the scene that unfolded last night…

One love club messy room
Last night a pack of neighbouring howling (singing) dogs and the pumping music at the restaurant adjacent our room made it a bit of a hectic night. We are also going through a bit of a rough patch as we are still coming to grips with some sad news we received yesterday from a friend. One of our friends who used to live in a cottage on the farm where we we stay passed away in a horse riding accident and leaves behind her husband and baby. We are really sad about the news and think of them so much.

This morning we moved to St.Paul’s Church Centre where there is lodging available. It is much cheaper (8,000 RwFr versus 25,000 RwFr at the One Love Club) and also very nice and a lot of the travellers we have met here in Kigali also stays there. After that we jumped on Francois’ Motomia again and drove to the New Cactus Restaurant which is absolutely beautiful and has a magnificent view over Kigali.

Riding pillion

We had Sunday lunch pizza which was great.

New Cactus Restaurant
After that we spent the afternoon at the Kigali Memorial Centre, a museum dedicated to the Genocide in Rwanda in1994. It was very insightful experience and hard to explain in words what these people must have gone through. If you look at Kigali now, it is hard to imagine that this happened here. The life of every single Rwandan was influenced by this incident which is quite heartbreaking. The testimonies of survivors touched us deeply.

Kigali Memorial Centre
Tomorrow we will be moving towards Musanze side closer to the location where we will be trekking gorillas on Wednesday. I am really looking forward to this experience and for many years I have wanted to do this so it is really really awesome that we got our permits yesterday. Lost of love to everyone x

9 thoughts on “Learning more about Rwanda

  1. Ja-nee daai kamer is maar net “boer maak ‘n plan”- wat anders !! Dis wonderlik om te hoor dat Rwanda weer opgestaan het na die volkstragedie. Jammer oor die slegte nuus van vriendin en julle is daar ver. Lekker slaap en voorspoed môre.

  2. My hart is seer saam met julle – sleg om sulke nuus te kry, as mens so ver weg is. Baie liefde en dink aan julle. Met die gorillas opgelyn (hoop hulle gedra hulle so goed Woensdag) is julle reis mos nou besig om in ‘n droomvakansie te ontwikkel – ek’s SO opgewonde, mens so kon dink ek gaan saam!!!

  3. Hi Julle
    Passop net more dat hulle Francois nie daar hou nie!!!
    Moenie daai pizza foto te veel rondwys daar rond nie

  4. Hello Tania and François, I’ve found your blog which I really like! Hope you’re fine. I wish you a good trip and looking forward to following your blog! Cheers, Corinne

  5. Onthou nou Tania, jy mag nie ‘n klein gorillatjie saamvat nie, al kyk hy na jou met klein-bokkie ogies. Wees tevrede met die groot een wat saam met jou deur Afika toer.

  6. 😀 !! Ek hou van daai een, Annalene! Ek het self bekommerd begin raak dat een van daai bos-tantes hom sal wil huistoe vat!! Lekkerdag more – die adrenalien begin seker al pomp vir Wo. Ek’t ‘n mail ge’forward’ van Belgie af, kyk biki as jul kans kry – die Roekaartse het vir Uganda se gorillas gaan kuier. XX

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