July 16, 2024

All cleaned up and ready for our next stretch North

We are all cleaned up now and ready to take on the last third of our journey Northwards to Ethiopia. Today involved some last bit of washing, cleaning up of the bikes and stocking up with some supplies for the next few days. We also put in a quick last visit to get some pizza :o) With all our visas sorted for the last three countries we are ready to go!

We will be heading to Isiolo tomorrow after which comes a bit of challenging gravel road to Moyale before we reach the Ethiopia border. This will take a few days and we hope to have some Internet access in between to keep you posted.

We enjoyed our stay in Nairobi and have met some interesting fellow travellers here. Here is our tent pitched between interesting stranded vehicles waiting out here in the yard for the day when their owners come back to complete their journeys.

Camping between stranded cars
I have also made friends with the resident dog here.

JJs dog
Good night!

PS: For those who have asked, just to clarify, normally we take turns to post everyother  day, so tomorrow you will hear from Francois and then the day after my turn again. It got a bit mixed up when I wasn’t feeling so great in Rwanda but for most of the time we do it like this – hope this helps :o)

Thanks again for everyone’s support, it is really great to hear from you all!

3 thoughts on “All cleaned up and ready for our next stretch North

  1. Inwonende Nairobiese hond lyk goed versorg ! Die inwonende Rifrug mamma hier by ons (Roxy) se boepens word elke dag groter – sy moet een van die dae (die week) geboorte gee en dit lyk vir ons asof daar BAIE hondjies gaan wees ! Sal foto stuur as hulle arriveer. Lekker Sondag vir julle en ry veilig.

  2. Bly om jou smile weer te sien Tania. Ja Afrika is na alles vir ons oningeligtes toe ‘n surprise. Dankie dat ons dit deur julle oë en skrywe kan “sien”. Afrika is toe nie so “donker” nie nê? Hoop jul reis noordwaarts is voorspoed en pragtig verrassend. Lekker om so saam met julle tweetjies te “ry”. Lekker slaap.

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