July 16, 2024

More of amazing Malawi

After some expensive grocery shopping at the Spar in Lilongwe this morning we filled our fuel tanks again. Each took 500 ml, but everyone warned us not to go to Malawi due to a fuel shortage. Later today, at Salima, we filled up again. Seems that it’s only diesel that is a problem. We had a headwind all day and got very hungry halfway to Senga Bay, so we decided to stop for yogurt, tangerines and some sugar cane for desert. The canes have been cable tied to my crash-bars for easy access.

Everyone waved as usual as they passed us and just as we were about to leave Solomo came over to ask whether we had trouble with the bikes. We had a lovely chat where he asked us about our trip and Cape Town and told us about his travels to South Africa and the church he’s building just behind the spot we stopped. Afterwards he blessed us with a prayer for our long journey to Cairo. Thanks Solomo!

In one of the villages we bought food for tonight.

Four tomatoes, three onions, two mangos and seven bananas for only $US1 in total. Wow, that is a bargain!

We arrived at Steps Camp (Senga Bay) at 13h30 and were pleasantly surprised when we saw the green lawns…
and ocean like beach and clean horizons.

We had a great swim in the lake (after consulting a Dutch medical student at the backpacker’s this morning and seeing everyone else have a swim) – apparently there have been cases of Bilharzia in the area before. The rest of the afternoon was spent cooking supper.

More roosterkoeke with syrup and some soya with the onions and tomatoes we bought today. Good thing we started early, because it gets dark around 17h30 around here. We bought some charcoal at the camp, but did not have any fire lighters left, so we had to take turns blowing the fire on.

It ended up being perfect for a dozen roosterkoeke and a braai if we had meat!

8 thoughts on “More of amazing Malawi

  1. Dit lyk na ‘n amazing kampeerplek met goeie swemgeriewe? Julle volg ‘n goeie, gebalanseerde en natuurlike dieet!V1x

  2. Hey julle 2 filiSteyne! Ek was nou so 3 daggies agter, maar het nou weer mooi opgevang! Lyk nog heerlik en is baie bly als gaan goed met julle. Baie dankie vir al julle moeite met die blog. Dit is regtig heerlik om julle so te kan volg. Mooi loop en ry. Baie liefde Fred en Kika

  3. Hi Fra & Tan, I have been reading your diary with much envy. I have been planning a similar trip, but with a 4×4 to Cairo, but always put it off. You’ve heard about “procrastination”? He definitely is the thief of time. I read your story and my thoughts are with you. WELL DONE. As someone once said, “JUST DO IT!”
    Your reports, stats and website are very, very well done.
    Looking forward to every report everyday with anticipation.
    Greg – Durbanville

  4. Ek’s terug by jul huis en honde en dankie tog vir wifi!! Ek’t gesukkel met d 3G. Als piekfyn hier. Fr, jy smeek omtrent daai kole om te brand; hou van jou ‘rugged look’, g’n wonder die officials begin vrae vra nie…..
    Geniet!!!! XX

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