July 16, 2024

Chilling out next to lake Malawi

We have been enjoying our time at Mayoka Village very very much! Especially the great food, swimming and our little cabin with amazing views over the lake. It is really easy to switch off here!

Here are some photos to show you the beautiful day we have had…

Early morning coffee next to the lake… The sun comes up very early in malawi (probably round about 5am) so we always wake up too early thinking that it must be late already and then only realising that we can still sleep! So after this coffee we went back to bed for a little bit longer.

Morning coffee

The swimming was great and we borrowed some snorkeling gear to go check out the fish. The water is very clear and you can see many blue fishies swimming around…

We also took the GoPro with us for some fun underwater videos and photos and here is one of them…


Francois is enjoying the lake here…

Francois swimming
We also enjoyed our little cabin very much, here you can see the outside view, right on the water…

No 5
We do not have power or water at the moment and the Internet signal is failing us tonight so we will post this tomorrow. Our apologies for not getting this up sooner!

PS: We are in Mzuzu now and finally some great Internet signal here so we will post today’s feedback tonight.

4 thoughts on “Chilling out next to lake Malawi

  1. Great!! Julle geniet jul gate uit by die mooie Lake Malawi. Ek hou van die onder- en bo-water foto’s. Sò moet ‘n man mos vakansie hou. Voorspoed en sien uit na vanaand se vervolg.

  2. Ek hoop eintlik Villiers ‘skip’ dié een want hy en JI gaan baaaaie jaloers wees nadat hulle vroeer die jaar nie eers kaalvoet in die nat sand kon loop nie…. Eina!

  3. Howzit, lyk moerse lekker daar by die meer! Ek sou wat wou gee vir ‘n koffietjie met ‘n sonsopkoms daar langs die meer.. Cool foto’s en lyk of julle lekker suffer in comfort julle pizza’s! >:) Lekker die unknown verder daar explore!
    Groete, Martin & Amelia

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