April 23, 2024

Commuting between the Queen Taitu Pension and the Taye Hotel

We have settled ourselves in nicely at the Queen Taitu Pension and have been enjoying the television. Normally we would be out exploring and seeing sights, but we decided to take it shamefully easy today (a real treat!) and we have been getting up only to commute the 10 meter stretch between our hotel and the Taye Hotel, which with it’s cheap food, flat screen tv, bar and free wifi. This 4 star hotel have become a bit of a home base for us during the day and we only go back to Queen Taitu once we feel we have pushed our presence here to the limit and use the offline time to get up to date with writing some more updates of our experiences for a few publications that have been supporting us so far. Luckily the Taye Hotel have different staff on different shifts so we try coming at different times in the day so that we do not look too suspicious though it is difficult to hide our rugged looks and creased clothes by now :o) Here Francois is playing the part at the Taye Hotel:

Taye Hotel our base
We want to leave early for the border tomorrow morning so we filled up our tanks and fuel bags in town this afternoon. Here Francois is untying his fuel bag in the courtyard at the Queen Taitu Pension.

Queen Taitu Pension
We also want to thank Rufus and Calla for all the helpful advice about the border post to come. We have read interesting accounts of people that have had some hectic experiences crossing at Metema/Gallabat so we are looking forward to this next part!

This morning we also had a bit of time again to catch up with the ‘Voetspore’ team on their blog. They have certainly also had a very interesting experience since we last saw them in Nairobi. Read more about their experiences at www.voetspore.co.za We wish them all the best with the rest of their trip and look forward to meeting them again on the way to Cairo.

4 thoughts on “Commuting between the Queen Taitu Pension and the Taye Hotel

  1. Great! – julle is “gegear” vir môre.Is bly julle vat dit rustig vandag. Sal aan julle dink en hoop dit gaan sommer spiekeries môre!! Voorspoed!

  2. Frannie, ek sien jou bolla het bietjie deurmekaar geraak – jy lyk nogal vicious vir ‘n CA… Lyk my julle het professionele “roof wi-fi surfers” geword! Sterrkte met die grenspos, ek hou vir julle duime vas dat dit nie te erg gaan nie. Liefde. V1xx

  3. Klink my julle is reg en lus vir die grenspos-uitdaging. Voorspoed! Terloops, het julle die naald en gare by die huis vergeet? Fr, ek sien daai jean begin karakter kry, smeer maar die kniekop vir die woestyn-son, jong. Lekker zzzzz vannaand. XX

  4. Hi julle! Ek’s terug opi lug vir n dag en het nou lekker opgevang… Alhoewel julle van julle tough-ste tye in Ethiopia beleef het het julle ook van julle mooiste fotos hier geneem – die landskap is AMAZING!!! Ek love die shot waar Tania oor die vallei uitkyk. Sterkte met die grenskruising. Ek’s nuuskurig hoe dit met Tunduma vergelyk!? 🙂 Lief vir julle!! VilJ

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