July 22, 2024

Waiting for the rain to stop in Kenya

I must admit I was completely devastated yesterday when I heard we were going to be stuck in Nairobi for a few days longer than what we had planned for. It felt like we have been pushing on for days just to make up some time as we were a bit behind schedule and then we heard it was a public holiday in Kenya today so the Sudanese Embassy will be closed I was very disappointed. There is a small chance that it will be open tomorrow so let’s hold thumbs! If we apply tomorrow we might be able to get our Visa on Monday or Tuesday, otherwise we will only be able to apply for it on Monday.

But since yesterday as I have come to realise that most things mostly happens for a reason and I feel better today :o) There has been some unusual heavy rains up in the north of Kenya which have turned the already challenging Marsabit to Moyale road into a muddy affair so even if we could get going now it would not have been a wise decision. Hopefully it will clear up a bit by next week. Today three German / Dutch bikers arrived doing this road from North to South and it seems the road was pretty bad. The one biker is a tall chick with a huge Yamaha Tenere and she did well on this road so it was good to hear about their experiences. I was glad again that I did not have a big bike…

So this afternoon we went to the Junction Mall to make a few more copies of important docs that we need to apply for our Sudanese Visa. Nairobi is very organised in the sense that you can get anything done that you need to do. The traffic still is however an entirely different story :o) but Francois has been doing the driving with me on the back again.

After our visit to the mall we set off towards Ngonga where Julia stays to go and say hi. Julia is Peter’s cousin and she has been working and living here in Nairobi for five years. We had such an awesome time with her and really enjoyed the company, a bit of red wine (the first on our trip!) and good food – thanks again Julia it was great meeting you! We will be visiting her again when we have some idea of how long we will be here and we are still waiting for our packet of goodies for the bikes (some headlights and a new chain) that Peter from Motomia is kindly sending up for us which will be arriving at Julia’s soon.

It was raining quite hard again today so we could not do the washing yet so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow :o) We have really met some cool travellers here at Jungle Junction so our delay here has actually been very nice. Here is a photo of the JJ’s living room.

JJ living room
I’m sorry that we actually have no more cool photos to show today :o(  I left the camera back at the camp today so we will make up in the next few days and show you the rest of the camp and surrounds soon.

4 thoughts on “Waiting for the rain to stop in Kenya

  1. Sjoe! jammer vir jul dilemma – mag more (Vrydag) die dag wees wat alles in plek val! Sonskyn, Peter se pakkie, visums, pizza en rooiwyn. Ek hou styf duim vas!! XX

  2. “Chill” maar ‘n bietjie hierdie naweek. Hoop julle het paddavoete gepak vir volgende week se modder…V1x

  3. Tot disver het alles nog so wonderlik vir jul uitgewerk – waarom nie nou ook nie!! Ek hou duimvas en voorspoed! Geniet die ruskans.

  4. Baie sterkte julle. Kannie glo jul is al halfpad nie…..ons volg julle blog en onthou julle het baie ondersteuners aan hierdie kant!!! xxx

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