July 22, 2024

Traffic on the far side of the Equator

When we woke up this morning it was raining, so we waited for it to stop and had breakfast. Tania had a banana pancake (yum!) and I had a chapatti roll with scrambled egg. We dressed up for a rainy day, but luckily it held out. I decided to put on the helmet-cam since the camera was packed deep in my dry-bag in case.

I set the GoPro to take a pic every 60 seconds to hopefully show you the road and with a bit of luck the shocking driving.

Here we are trying to figure out whether the settings are correct:

Figuring out the GoPro
Unfortunately the air was so damp it fogged up pretty quickly and the battery went flat shortly after we were out of town. This is the best we got…. today. I will try again in future.

This is what happened:

Dirty lens
We crossed the equator for the first time (of three we’ll be doing) today. We almost missed it, but I saw the word equator out of the corner of my eye and then the line were crossing on the GPS. We turned around for the obligatory photo, but declined to see the water experiment as were so tired of being almost run over by buses that we wanted to get to Kampala to rest.

We made another quick stop to buy a super-sized pineapple and three avocados. The price was 3000 shillings for two avos and 5000 for the pineapple, but when we added the third avo the total dropped to 4000 without bartering. I like the maths!

Buying fruit
Kampala was the most shocking experience on a bike yet! We spent more than an hour weaving through traffic to get across town (some 15 km from where we entered). There seems to be no rules. If you can squeeze through the gap you go. After getting more and more frustrated by the dangerous driving today I realised it’s best to accept it and stay out of the way of anything bigger than yourself! We made to Red Chilly Backpacker’s where we are camping tonight. There is hot showers and free WiFi and good food.

3 thoughts on “Traffic on the far side of the Equator

  1. Hi julle twee! Dit was vrek lekker om vandag op my bank te le en die laaste week se posts op te vang… Ek’s SO bly julle kon die gorillas sien en dat julle Rwanda so baie geniet het.
    Ons het ‘n crazy trip Gonarezhou toe gehad – olifante, volmaan, ‘n lekker breakdown en awesome mense! Sal julle nog eendag gaan wys hoe lyk “wilder as die wildtuin!”
    Fran, al waarskuwing wat ek vir jou kan gee is dit: Onthou die Pynappel Insident van 2003! 😉
    Veilig ry deur daai malhuis en geniet elke liewe oomblik – dis kosbaar verby!!
    Dankie vir die stunning foto’s van pretty much alles. Ek LOVE dit! Julle doen soveel moeite. En weereens – ek’s bly die GoPro word gebruik. Love ook die baard, seuna!
    Voorspoed Kenya toe! LOVE

  2. Hi julle tweetjies. So bly om te sien die wiele rol nog! Wow vir die gorilla trek! Met reën en al laat julle ons daggies die kant baie vaal lyk.. Maar dankie dat ons saam met julle kan reis. Dis ‘n fees! Die Red Chilly oornagplekkie klink warm!?

  3. Haai Julle, ons is vroeer terug van ‘n opwindende trip in Zim en kan nou gelukkig weer jul blogs lees en opvang oor wat gebeur het die laaste paar dae. Dankie dat julle so gereeld opdateer. Dis lekker om al jul stories te kan volg. Luv. V1x

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