April 23, 2024

Sharing our campsite with two fish eagles

Yesterday we took a nice long walk around the city in Awassa. It was good to explore and to get some exercise.

Walking in Awassa
At one stage we had three little girls hanging on our arms and kissing our hands and arms all over which was a bit frustrating as we tried to get out of the awkward situation. In the end some locals helped us to escape. Ethiopia is really an interesting country. It feels like you are a ball of clay being stretched in all directions… sometimes loving it and sometimes seeing things that make you sad or frustrated. The people are poorer here than we have seen in other countries and they live in harsh conditions and so the animals as well. The donkeys and horses really work hard and the people can be quite hard on them. Never before have I seen donkeys move so fast. But it is this stretching in all directions that really make you think about what is going on around you…

This morning we left Atenet Pension at about 10h30 and took the short 90km journey towards Lake Langano, a popular weekend destination for locals. This is also the only lake in Ethiopia in which you can swim as it is crocodile-free. The lake really looks a lot like Hartebeespoort dam in Winter time. We first stopped at the luxury lodge Sabana where we had some pizza for lunch. It is a beautiful lodge with cabins that cost USD 71 for two persons. The restaurant overlooks the lake with large open windows and the place was full of people (mainly tourists and a few locals) that stayed for the weekend.

Sabana lodge
After that we went to Karkaro campsite to spend the night camping next to the lake (USD 5 p/p). It is a beautiful secluded beach with campsites right next to the water and we have the whole place for ourselves.

The camp
We only shared it with a pair of fish eagles that made a nest in one of the trees – awesome! We had a lazy Sunday afternoon here.

Relaxing at Karkaro
We have not had time to refill our food supplies yet after leaving Nairobi so Francois decided to eat some zero-minute noodles for dinner – we were too lazy to cook it and our water supply was a bit limited (thank goodness I was still full from the pizza so I skipped this part!). Francois also took a quick swim and here is some of the photos of the view:


6 thoughts on “Sharing our campsite with two fish eagles

  1. Hi julle! So lekker om te lees van julle adventures! Francois lyk regtig noual soos ‘n bosman of een van Jesus se dissipels in my kinder Bybel… Ek sukkel om te besluit watter een hy meer na lyk! 🙂 Baie groete vir julle!
    Lin-Marie, Stephan & Alana x x x

  2. Ja sowaar Fr begin lyk soos Johannes die Doper of hoe???? Jy lyk goed man!! So goed om weer foto’s te sien en dat julle weer kan ontspan langs waters. Grrr daai vorige foto’s met die elektr drade en die balkon ens is bangmaak toestande. Ai en goed om Tania se bekende smile te sien! Geniet dit en voorspoed.

  3. ‘n Kampplek deel met net twee visarende klink soos my tipe kampplek!! 🙂 Ek het tot nou toe net goeie goed oor Ethiopia gehoor en hoop regtig dat julle die beste van die land beleef… As ‘n mens sien hoe sleg dit in seker lande gaan, kry ‘n mens nuwe waardering vir wat jy het, of hoe?! Ek hoop julle maak goeie vordering en dat julle nie net 0-min noodles hoef te chow nie! 😉

  4. Heeltyd voor rekenaar besig en moes gou ‘n “brake” neem en loer of daar al foto’s is – dis stunning mooi !! Hier het julle seker gou van die vorige haaglike omstandighede vergeet ! Dankie v al die foto’s, dis regtig nice ! Interessante die USD pryse (as mens in ag neem dat ons onlangs tussen $38 – $82 betaal het per kamer met twee queen beddens in, in stede soos Dallas, Chicago, New York en Washington.)
    Baie bly dit gaan goed met julle – dit lyk of julle dit baie geniet ! Julle lewer ook goed verslag !! Dankie vd tyd wat julle daarvoor insit – ons almal waardeer dit baie !! Lekker toer, ons kyk uit na jul volgende plasing !!
    Andre & Michelle

  5. Hey julle! Dit lyk ongelooflik!!
    Frannie, daai een foto lyk soos n baywathch scene!
    Tania, well done! Jys n yster!!!
    Sien uit om die hele storie uit julle eie monde te hoor.
    Sterkte vir die laaste deel!

  6. Stunning kampplek, veral met die visarende vir bure. Francois, krokodille eet nie bere nie, so jy behoort veilig te kan swem in al Ethiopie se mere.

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