July 22, 2024

Free wheeling to Chipata

We overnighted at Luangwa Bridge Camp last night, 4km off the main road to Chipata next to the beautiful Luangwa river. The sun is starting to set earlier as we move east so we only had a little sunshine left when we arrived. Francois worked on our blog post, while I klapped a salad together for us. Before we could get the post up we ran out of data on our simcard, so apologies for only getting the post up today.

We decided to start off early today, but just as we were about to go, we checked the GPS to find a filling station as we already did about 230km on the tanks when we realised that the next station is 100 km away towards Chipata! Luckily Francois could get 2.5 liters of fuel from the owner at the lodge where we stayed, but we tried to be light on the throttle and freed down the hills to conserve some more fuel. This seemed to work as I made it to the next station by getting 39 kilometres per litre and Francois getting 33 km/litre.

The next 100 kilometers on this road proved to be quite a challenge with some pot holes, bumps and dodging bicycles, people and the occasional goat or cow, but gradually got better as we moved towards Chipata. We arrived here at Mama Rula’s campsite at about 15h00 quite tired. Tomorrow the national election is taking place in Zambia so everything will come to a standstill so that people can vote. We decided to stay at Mama Rula’s tomorrow night too and go through the border towards Malawi on Wednesday so we are looking forward to sleeping a bit late and resting the tired bumbs.

We decided to go fill up our tanks and fuel bags this afternoon first to ensure that we are ready for Wednesday and Francois met with Farouk to exchange some Dollars for Malawian Kwatchas. We also tried to find out what we need at the border so that we can be a bit better prepared than last time :o)

We also braaied some “wors” tonight and had some mash and local tomatoes.

Here we are eating out of proper plates, yum! as you can see we are looking at bit tired :o)

For those of you interested in the food side of things. Here is a photograph showing you all the food we have on the bike currently.

It is also now easy to get tamatoes, onions, oranges, watermelons etc. along the road here in Zambia and here is a photo of me loading a watermelon on the bike today. We also bought some local tomatoes (and washed them in salt water like Elsa taught us), flour, rice and eggs today.

Good night!

9 thoughts on “Free wheeling to Chipata

  1. Sjoe maar nou is julle darem ver weg van ons! Bly julle het slim geword met die maaltye – die noedels is darem net te effentjies vir ‘n boere maag. Goeie raad die soutwater was. Ja ek sal duimvas hou dat die grenspos affêres glad verloop!
    Lekker slaap vannag!

  2. Hi Julle
    Kan julle nie se hoe water my mond vir daai wors nie.
    Bly julle relax nou meer en vat dit soos dit kom.
    Mooi bly en geniet

  3. Cool trip you 2. Are you going through Tanzania. If so look up Gail and Carl Strauss in Arusha. Cool folk

  4. Lyk vir my dat daar darm ‘n Parmalat Yogurt daar tussen die kos hoop staan… 🙂
    Lekker bly julle twee. Geniet al die lekker kosse en vars vrugte!!

  5. ” I klapped a salad together” Love julle posts! 🙂 Lees baie lekker daaraan en geniet dit om saam met julle te ‘reis’. Lekker rus more!

  6. Lekkerrrr! Ek het toe maar besluit om nie die kitaar te koerier nie…. wat van bekfluitjie vir musiek? Geniet die rusdag. XX
    NS: Julle is vandag weer in Die Burger se Buite-bylaag.

  7. Vrek, dit lyk lekker!!! Ek’s bly julle ontmoet sulke awesome mense en bly vir hulle hulle ontmoet sulke cool bikers! ;D Haha, ek sien daar’s n Pieceful Sleep stiffie tussen die kosgoed! Is dit vir wanneer julle oopmond slaap en die mozzies in julle keelgate afkruip?? Lyk my julle following raak net groter en groter – almal met wie ek praat, vd mense by 50/50 tot my vrinne ini Laeveld volg julle blog! Enjoy MAL-awi en pasop viri slakkies…

  8. Ja julle het ‘n hele boel Tannies ook hier van die Kaap wat julle volg. Een het my vanoogend vroeg gebel om te sê van jul “spotprentjies” in die Bylae van DIE BURGER. Onbekendes volg jul en bewonder die “legends”! Sien uit na die vervolg episode. Rus lekker van dag.

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