July 22, 2024

A day of rest at the Moravian Church Community Centre

We slept in until 8h00 this morning after struggling to sleep last night. I think we both were too tired and our muscles ached after yesterday’s gruelling 9 hour dirt ride. We had breakfast here at the community centre (ZAR10 each for eggs and toast).

Since we entered into Tanzania we’ve been seeing a lot of the same bikes as ours, only these one’s are 125 or 150cc. Here is one perfect example:

Motomia se boetie
The rims, frame welds, instruments and even the blue and silver lines on the fuel tank correspond.

When we arrived last night we decided to stay at least two nights to service and check the bikes and so that we can leave early for Kipili and the Lake Shore Lodge. After breakfast we headed into town to fuel up and buy oil. The town looks quite different from last night when we arrived here half dazed.

They didn’t have oil at the fuel station so they directed us to another one where the oil rack was locked. They have lost the lock’s key (looks like the oil cans inside has been there for some time) so we can’t buy some. We then went to one of the many hardware stores (or spares shops) around the corner. The guy could not understand any English, but there’s always some close by who does. With the help of the very friendly translator I bought 40 grade oil (no multi-grade here). They did not know of oiling chains and foam air filters, so I’ll use the motor oil for now.

At the spares shop:

Buying oil
Back at the Centre we had a long afternoon nap (too lazy to service the bikes) and when we woke up it was raining lightly. After a huge lunch (R30 each) we serviced my bike before decided to do Tania’s tomorrow morning when it is dry.

Changing oil
Everyone here has been very friendly and helpful and full of smiles. Even the people who cannot understand a word of English. The best was the guy who opened the gate last night. He didn’t understand anything, but went in and came back with a flash light to shine for Tania as she unpacked her bike. He also helped us to carry it up to our third floor room.

Here is a quick pic of our room. No matter where we stay, it is alarming how we manage to make a huge mess in a very short period of time. It’s amazing to think all of this must go on the two bikes tomorrow morning.

Our room
We’ll be heading to the Lake Shore Lodge tomorrow and since we do not know what the condition of the road will be like we’ll try to leave as early as possible. Cheers.

4 thoughts on “A day of rest at the Moravian Church Community Centre

  1. Sjoe ons is bly julle is veilig en kon goed uitrus!!
    Hoe op aarde het jul van die poeier-stof van jul klere en bagasie ontslae geraak? Hoop julle ry veilig môre op ‘n lekker pad. Besef julle , julle is al feitlik halfpad deur Afrika en dit in 25dae? Lekker slaap. Bokke het darem Somoa gewen en is deur na die kwartuitronde.

  2. heng julle, lyk my die dinge begin nou Afrika raak.. Gelukkig is daar genoeg fietse vir spare parts..! Julle moet lekker rus en veilig ry!

  3. Hi
    As ek na daai gesigte kyk van gister dan is dit geen wonder dat die ouenes nie uit hulle huis wou uitgaan om the gesels nie !!!!!!!!

  4. Ek hou van daai Bubuu Car Decorations winkel. Lyk my jy kan enigiets daar koop solank hul net nie die sleutels verloor het nie! Ek is bly julle gees is nog so goed! Lekker naweek op die pad. V1x

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