July 22, 2024

One last shot at the GP… ouch!

We received our final shot this afternoon from the GP and we are now covered against Hepatitus A & B, Mengingitis, Typhoid, Polio, crazy dog illness and you name it… so we should be ok!

The doctor also prescribed some antibiotics and some other goodies for the trip so we should be ok to self-medicate – could become interesting :o)

Last part of our visit included yet another discussion about malaria and after looking at all the options from all sides it seems as if my annual bonus will be spent on Melanil – 100 pills at an average of R40 a pop – it seems money can buy happiness after all :o) The alternative, mefliam would have been a cheap option, but Francois would not have been a happy camper with a depressed maniac wife in the middle of Africa…

One final thing, I was warned again not to cuddle any animals in Africa… Those of you that know me will know this is a tough order, but I will try and not lift any sheep, dogs, cats, or gorillas on my bike and Francois will stay away from the snakes. At the end of this trip though it might feel like I am cuddling a red-bearded gorilla at the rate at which Francois’s beard grows, so it might not be so bad after all! T

3 thoughts on “One last shot at the GP… ouch!

  1. Ek sal probeer Ferdie! Maar na dat ek gisteraand weer Long Way Down gekyk het, dink ek ek gaan sukkel om die donkies uit te los hehe

  2. ooi ooi, al die dinge darem. Jy het mos dan jou gorilla styf by jou so hoekom sou jy ‘n vreemde een wil optel? eks baie opgewonde vir julle

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